Client Love

Averie Sunshine

Averie Cooks

“Claire is extremely talented with SEO and has helped grow my organic search traffic by leaps and bounds in the time we’ve been working together and I am happy to have a long-term contract with her to fine tune my posts. Not only is Claire very smart about SEO, she is also smart about the practical nature of SEO as it impacts my food blog. There is no point to updating a Halloween recipe in February or why you should be thinking about updating Christmas recipes in September. These are things that Claire understands and she is always working ahead of the curve and on my behalf.

She is extremely detail-oriented and keeps spreadsheets of everything, including post ranking changes. She sends a super helpful monthly report with the monthly highlights, she is very responsive and punctual with email communications, and all around you will be very happy with what she can do for your website!”

Carrian Cheney

Oh, Sweet Basil

“Working with Claire was a decision we did not take lightly. After running a food blog for over 10 years we certainly know our way around the space and could easily work and work to keep things moving in a good direction, however the truth is, your business will never grow if you don’t hire, hire, hire. We needed to focus on what we do best, the cooking and let others tackle the tasks they are best at because if every area of your site is being given 100% by the best of the best then you can’t be held back.

Out of everyone we looked at Claire was not only the most qualified but also the most driven, clear to communicate with and beyond quick to act. We have never had to wait to hear from her or ask her to make any adjustments that could have been avoided. She slammed out post after post with better SEO, provided incredible feedback on things that she was noticing that we hadn’t and in the end improved not only our site but our quality of life as we finally had more balance in such a demanding business. We can’t wait to work with her again over the years.”

Gayle Bialas

Pumpkin ‘N’ Spice

“Working with Claire to help improve my SEO was the best business decision that I made in 2020. She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and extremely detail oriented. Claire has helped my organic search traffic grow, as well as implementing strong SEO techniques to improve my post rankings. 

She is quick to respond to questions and provides very helpful and detailed statistics, reports, and spreadsheets at the end of each month. Overall, Claire is a true pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone looking to improve their SEO!”

Tawnie Kroll

Kroll’s Korner

“Working with Claire was an absolute delight. She was always quick to respond, very polite and timely with her deliverables. Claire was able to bring old posts of mine to life through SEO optimization and I am now ranking on page 1 for several of the posts she made changes to.

SEO work helps my business significantly because it saves me time from doing the nitty gritty work myself. That way I can spend time on things in my business that bring me joy like cooking, food photography and videography.

This SEO work is really perfect for anyone looking to improve their ranking on Google, optimize old posts or overall needing assistance with SEO work on their website or blog.”

Sonja & Alex Overhiser

A Couple Cooks

“Claire has been an absolute pleasure to work with on improving our SEO! She’s helped us target content that would benefit from an SEO overhaul, implemented our new strategy, and been extremely thorough in her assistance. Claire has been an incredible value to our team as we’ve grown our Google traffic!”

Abby Bayatpour

Heart of a Baker

“I LOVED working with Claire! She’s always on time, professional, and delivers results in no time. SEO is so confusing and complicated, but Claire takes the extra time to answer any questions I have on a regular basis and I love the reports she sends over every month. Since Claire updated several posts for me, I’ve had a steady increase in search traffic and seen a lot of blog posts move up in search ranking. I HIGHLY recommend using Claire to update posts for SEO, she’s a true gem!”